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Phoebe Hutchison Counsellor/Author and Singer/Songwriter

Dip Prof Couns. MACA Maj (Relationships & Conflict Resolution, Childhood Development & Effective Parenting, Grief & Loss)

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www.honeymoonersforever.com.au (1st book - Relationships)
www.areyoulistening.com.au (2nd book - Depression, anxiety, grief)

Counselling my clients is the thrill of my life and creating music is the chocolate of my life! I put my heart and soul into both, and I feel blessed and honoured to have the opportunity to do both :) 

I believe we are all capable of greatness, overcoming adversity and following and realizing our dreams. The power of our mind, mixed with strong emotion, can help us overcome tragedy. Life is a roller-coaster; I have triumphed over a previously unhappy marriage (over a decade ago), to a blissful one (same loving hubby) and from poverty to being comfortable, from living with emotional turmoil, to living in peace. I look at life from afar, and respect and understand the complexity of our ever loving Universe.

In my counselling practice I use a combination of techniques, such as: Person Centred, Solution Focused, Gestalt, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Behaviour Therapy, Marital Therapy and Grief and Loss Therapy.  (My clients are couples, men, women and teenagers). 

Appointments for counselling are available at:

Bairnsdale Natural Health Centre
51 Francis Street
Bairnsdale  VIC  3875
Ph:   03 5153 1679
Fax: 03 5153 0619

The counselling process:

Counsellors are not allowed to give advice; our role is to help clients increase awareness about themselves and their lives, learn new coping tools to make life more enjoyable and less stressful. Our role is to help clients with low self esteem recognize their positive attributes, so they may move forward, in life and love, with courage. Clients may suffer from great confusion, indecision, or emotional pain. A counsellor can assist clients by exploring options, going through logical consequences, ensuring clients have a balanced approach to their decision making process. Counsellors use many subtle tools, to help clients experience increased awareness and self confidence. Some clients have negative thinking or destructive habits. By helping a client recognize and replace unhelpful thought patterns, understand themselves more, and gain deeper clarity into their communication patterns with themselves and others, clients can become more aware, happier and fulfilled. Some clients need assistance with grief and loss, others need a better relationship strategy, and some may feel completely lost, and find it difficult to express or understand their emotions. Counsellors are trained to accept our clients, give unconditional positive regard and empathetic understanding. We need to understand the clients problems deeply, from the clients perspective, in order to be able to assist.

Ultimately, once a client knows what they want, what they don't want, why they are not achieving their goals and how to achieve them, they can live more in the moment, instead of living with disharmony, thus making life far more enjoyable!

Some clients benefit from one session, others may prefer to attend weekly, fortnightly or monthly, until they feel their issues are resolved. 
 Clients in crisis may benefit by attending weekly, until their crisis subsides. Most couples benefit by attending four to six sessions, either fortnighly or monthly.

Books 1 and 2

Book 1

In 2007, my first book: Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide was published. I wrote this book as I believe I found the missing link between being unhappily married, and happily married: a common sense strategy. I have been applying this strategy for over 15 years to my own marriage, and I am madly in love with my darling husband... so much more than when we married in 1991. This technique has already helped thousands of Australian couples, and some in various parts of the world, improve their relationships.

Please feel free to visit my book website at:  www.honeymoonersforever.com.au  

Book 2
It was during my research for my first book, Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide, that I discovered a different world, a world that most people do not know about.  

Feel free to go to my new website (below) and learn more about this new book:

Are you listening?  Life is Talking to YOU!  www.areyoulistening.com.au


Background  / Experience / Study

Dip. Prof. Couns. (Two Year Diploma of Professional Counselling)
Maj. (Relationships & Conflict Resolution, 
Childhood Development & Effective Parenting,
Grief & Loss)


Prior to this, I have spent 7 years talking to and mentoring couples, through email, phone and some face to face. I started my mission to help couples in 2004, when I started my reseach for my book, then continued speaking with couples since I released Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide, in 2007.

Phoebe - The singing/songwriter:

I began performing (singing/acting) at 14 yrs, with a lead role (Polly) in The Boyfriend. I initially studied Opera/Musical Comedy singing for 7 years, then begain vocal coaching (for 2 more years with Anita Moon), then learnt Seth Riggs, Speech Level Singing Technique (for a further year). I worked in bands for over five years doing covers (and some originals). I performed at 450 gigs, then dedicated my heart to song writing. I spent a few more years working with some excellent musicians (Chikan Kiss songwriting mostly) and creatde CD 1, (Two Hearts). I taught singing, coached a well known celebrity, studied acting, and did competition Hip Hop dancing, as well as created 3 video clips, one of which made it to RAGE TV.  (I was still chasing the record deal). I finally put the microphone away in 2002, with the birth of my 2nd son, and I focused on my husbands company (which is now very successful). I wrote and promoted my marriage survival guide book 2007, did many morning shows and USA tour, and am creating Original Music, once again - & I love it! (I am now working with a great band 5 pce 80's band, and I love it!). I love music, singing and my songs; they are my babies. I believe in them, and I want them out there. I love my family, my friends and my life. I am almost finished book 2, cd 2 and letting the winds of the Universe guide me. 

Please feel free to email me directly from the contact form on this webpage.


Thanks for visiting my website.


May your love, for yourself and your life, deepen daily.


Love Phoebe xx

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